Junior Research chairs in Astrobiology, Grenoble Univ., France

We are pleased to announce 2 Juniors Research Chairs in Astrobiology at Grenoble University, France (see detailed information attached).

DL for application is July 1st.

1. The first Junior Research Chair is on Astrophysics and Planetology and it concerns:

        - Initial conditions on Earth favorable to the life emergence

        - Astrochemistry and possible Earth insemination from cometary molecules

        - Formation and Evolution of «habitable» planets

        - Habitability study of Solar System objects or/and exoplanets

        - Search for exoplanets in habitable zone

        - Exoplanetary atmosphere characterization; search for biomarkers

See the PDF below.

2. The second Junior Research Chair is in prebiotic chemistry, biology and palaeontology and it concerns: 

        - Prebiotic chemistry on Earth and/or the role of inorganic cofactors in the development of primordial metabolisms

        - Photosynthesis adaptability to other environments and/or definition of biomarkers

        - Life beyond extreme conditions

        - Analysis of primordial traces of life on Earth

See the PDF below.