PhDs and Postdoc jobs: Evolution and Tracers of the Habitability of Mars and the Earth

ET-HoME: Evolution and Tracers of the Habitability of Mars and the Earth

In the frame of the Excellence of Science –EoS– program, the ET-HoME project aims at investigating the Evolution and Tracers of the Habitability of Mars and Earth. We will:

(i) explore the role of planetary differentiation, impacts and plate tectonics on the habitable fate of Mars and Earth,

(ii) seek for early life by a geochemical approach and the search for microfossils, and (iii) use remote-sensing data to model the martian atmosphere and surface. For that purpose, a highly multidisciplinary team has been gathered from different Belgian Universities and Institutes:

  1. Vinciane Debaille (coordinator) and Nadine Mattielli (ULB)
  2. Emmanuelle Javaux (ULiège)
  3. Véronique Dehant (UCL)
  4. Steven Goderis and Philippe Claeys (VUB)
  5. Frank Vanhaecke (UGent)
  6. Ozgur Karatekine (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
  7. Ann Carine Vandaele and Séverine Robert (Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy)

We are looking for 5 PhD and 3 postdoc researchers with interest and experience in:

  • - Analytical experience and use of non-traditional stable isotopes
  • - Analytical experience and use of trace elements and metal geochemistry
  • - Use of light microscopy, TEM, Raman, FTIR micro-spectroscopy, SR-XRF (synchrotron)
  • - Atmospheric modeling (General Circulation Model)
  • - Experience in geobiology (microfossils, microbial mats)
  • - Numerical modeling by using hydrocode
  • - Remote-sensing of planetary surfaces

Candidates should have a Master degree (obtained no later than September 2018) or, for the postdoctoral position, a PhD degree in sciences, preferably in geosciences and/or analytical chemistry. The ideal candidates will show scientific curiosity, ability to work in collaboration, interests in geosciences and planetology. The working language is English.

Salaries are competitive and allow comfortable living in Belgium. Appointments are for 1 year each, renewable up to 3 times (4 years in total) depending on results and progress.

To apply, send your CV with a motivation letter clearly indicating which of the skills above you have to offer (plus 2 potential referees) in English to the coordinator of the project Vinciane Debaille (, before March 1st. A first round of selection will occur in March, but positions will remain opened until being filled.

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