River of Time

The RIVER of TIME is an exhibition that retraces the major stages of the history of our planet since the formation of the Solar System---4.57 billion of years ago---until the emergence of Homo sapiens---200,000 years ago---through the development and diversification of life on Earth.

Within 16 panels, it may be presented as a 4.57 km long trail that serves as a timeline to portray the age of the Solar System . One kilometer of the trail corresponds to a billion year, and one meter to a million years in time, and its different points introduce the important events of the history of the Solar System , the Earth and the biosphere.

This exhibition is a traveling one, which participate to all the conferences organized by our Action. After having been presented for the first time in Porto for the COST conference « Habitability in the universe: from early Earth to exoplanets », it’s now displayed in Konkoly Observatory in Budapest up to April 2016. Then it’ll move to Vilnius until October 2016, then Praha...

It is a series of panels, freely downloadable from RIVER of TIME.